Meet Dave

Hey, I'm Dave

My sweet spot is helping brands create smart, relevant campaigns that are effective in today's consumer-driven, always-on world.

I'm lucky to have been born in the right zone, landing my first job as a copywriter in the burgeoning Minneapolis ad market at Martin Williams. It was there where I cut my teeth as a young copywriter working with veterans who were master brand builders and storytellers - working in print, TV, radio and outdoor. At the same time, I was indoctrinated into the digital world by a group of hungry, forward-thinking people, so I'm native to website creation, online advertising, programmatic, content strategy, social and video for web. After seven years there, I moved to New York where I've worked for the past 11.

I've helped a small shop called CreativeFeed grow from 5 to 30 people. I've also helped out on pitches at JWT (launching Bing), and made socially conscious work while spending a year as the Creative Director at MatterUnlimited.

This diverse range of skills has served me well, as I bring traditional branding building strategy to modern campaign creation.

Iā€™m an expert in helping brands solve tricky problems.